Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sound for Footle

Footle (final_edit1).m4v

Footle (edit one) without sound file

footle: verb- engage in fruitless activity; mess about
(origin: late 19th century: perhaps from dialect: footer [idle, putter about] from 16th century: foutre [worthless thing,] from Old French, literally 'have sexual intercourse with'

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pre-Production Package

1. SCRIPT (will be printed for class)

a. Two actors:
-1. Hayley Fladeboe: female in her twenties will be visible in all scenes,
-2. Marcella Simien: voice narrating all scenes, will not be visible
b. Both actors in all scenes
c. One location- an apartment, different rooms throughout, bedroom, hallway, kitchen, bathroom and living room
One outdoor location- courtyard of apartment complex (for last scene)
d. no stunts necessary, the only special effects will be the narration that is being played while throughout the scenes
i will have some effects on my voice that will narrate the film.
e. clothing will be neutral, no indication of who this person is, the thoughts in the narration will develop her character
f. vacuum, kitchen utensils- foil, pots, pans,etc., cleaning supplies (unmarked bottles) sponges, dish brushes, broom and dust pan

*My personal apartment:
Midotwn Place Apartments
2095 Poplar Ave
Apartment 45
- sound quality: wooden floors, sheet rock in walls, lots of natural light
Kitchen- sheet rock in walls, two windows, overhead light, tiled floors
Hall- sheet rock walls, no windows, overhead light,wood floors
Living Room- sheet rock walls, one window, overhead light and lamp, wood floors
Bedroom- sheet rock walls, three windows, overhead light and lamp, wood floors
Bathroom- sheet rock walls, one window, overhead light, tiled floors

Images will be posted by end of class.
Three prong electrical outlets: two in kitchen, two in bedroom (those will be main sources of energy, all other outlets in living room and hall are only two prong outlets

will be posted by end of class

6. Days shooting Thursday, November 11 beginning at 7:30pm- Sunday, November 14 ending at midnight

10/11- Thursday- All scenes (screen testing at night)- 7pm- until- all actors
10/12- Friday- All scenes (screen test at daytime) - 10am- 3pm- all actors
10/13- Saturday- Which ever scenes had most problem areas and need the most work (either day or night shots)- 10am- 5pm
10/14- Sunday- Digitize early in morning and see if anything needs to be re shot (this is a tentative day for shooting) time-TBA

Hayley Fladeboe: 434-989-5087
Marcella Simien: 337-356-1040
Justin Edward (sound): 901-573-3581
Jesse Davis (camera, lighting and sound assistance): 901-483-8210

leading actress, Hayley

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1. Surreal Housewife of Memphis
2. A series of abstract vignettes of recollections of my past along with narration of poetry.
3. My inspiration has come from the numerous marks these life experiences have left on me and how it's effected my perspective on life as human at this point in my life. It also comes from my interest in discussing issues that people would usually take seriously, but in a lighter, less dramatic way. AT THE FRIST STAGE: for the first pitch:
I want to flash these shocking visual symbols along with some jarring language that will get people's attention. But instead of using these "on the money" shots where the narration directly correlates with visuals,

I'VE NOW decided to create more of a performance piece, i will shoot this "surreal housewife" character (representing myself) feeling trapped in the confinement of one's home, with the reminders of the past, doing simple domestic things to keep her busy. Some of these things that maybe slightly suggestive, while the twisted nostalgic poetry is narrated throughout. The story will be told in an abstract way and this woman will be recalling all these memories while doing her housework and avoiding to do housework. She will pace and go back and forth in a very natural, realistic way.
I will recite these stories of all the people this character has been in the past, through exaggerated and some even completely true... she will compare herself to: a loose cannon, live wire, a ruler, queen, princess, rebel, fuck up, dumb drunk, the greatest walking compliment, sweet cajun swamp trash etc.

4. Ideally i want the audience to be able to identify some with this sense of a woman's journey and how she has gotten where she is, continuing on her journey.

5. A young woman, feeling confined in her home, and feeling like she's getting caught up in her past with thoughts going through her mind. These thoughts will mainly be memories of the past, but common daily reminders will also go through her mind and add to her worrying and stress. But in the end will find comfort in just walking outside of this apartment that she has been incubating in. She will find comfort in leaving the apartment and getting outside. Once she gets outdoors in the end all the happy memories will follow her.

6. Woman struggles with her past, daily responsibilities and daily tasks that cause stress in her life within her apartment. Woman ends up finding freedom when she escapes the confines of her apartment by going outdoors, outside of her apartment.

7. Problems mentioned in the classes feedback, are all dealt with in the following re-cap of my Journal notes taken during the critique:
-Does any of the images have to relate?
- maybe a little girl, old family footage style
- instead of stills make the viewer sympathize with this somewhat disturbing storytelling?
- will the structure be based on poetry?
- maybe the images that are coinciding with the narration shouldn't be "right on the money"
-could it be where this person is now?
- where are we traveling? what time is it? now or before? the time doesnt have to be linear
- doing domestic things in a house
- perhaps adding a performance aspect will make it clearer

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



oh yeah this is the revised version of my piece. enjoy.

Revised Pitch

My idea is based on the emotional journey of a main character, a nineteen year old woman in the beginning of her journey as an adult. But this character will never be shown. The character will be represented as a voice narrating vignette style imagery.
Although it may not seem like it at first glance, I've led an eventful life and think it comes through in the poetry i write, i ran away from home for a brief amount of time when i was 16, got into just enough trouble without ever getting arrested, but the fact is i never really had any reason to be as rebellious as i was, other than i was a 16 year old.

This has been inspired by my interest and fascination with absurdity, ups and downs of life feeling fucked up one moment and great the next, satirically discussing things that would usually be taken seriously to others, off-putting topics and things that people avoid talking about, like my best friend gettin an std and asking me to tell her boyfriend for her, knowing prostitutes, gypsies, junkies. I like openly discussing how people's heart's getting broken, being exploited and used. I enjoy recalling memories of my personal past and applying those to other people..I grew up in the music industry with my parents and was exposed to a lot at a young age. And i'm at this point in my life where i'm feeling the after effects of my more rebellious part of my life.

Sometimes I recall memories of mischief and can laugh at it all now and sort of secretly relish in those feelings of being invincible and i find something very charming about that particular 16th year in someone's life, it's such a formative period and i learned some of my best life lessons during that time and still am. Although i have grown into an incredibly more thoughtful person at this point in my life, i think as a source of entertainment i tend to live vicariously through all these people i've been in the past and i tend to reference those versions of myself and exaggerate those memories in my poetry. I'm at a point in my life where i can laugh at the stupid shit i've done.

The only way i can see myself attempting to recreate these memories is presenting them in these brief shots. The shots will almost seem as though they are stills but there will be a brief moment of movement in the forms or figures shown to give them life, but just as quick memories.

Being a young adult living today, we're faced with so many different issues like choosing ones's sexual orientation, stds, responsibilities, The film will be a series of abstract scenes, like a photo montage or like vignettes of memories.

Thank you all for listening.

i've hung out with the best of 'em
the junkies, whores, lil mommies, big poppies,
the hippy fuckheads and the krusty, train hoppin gutter punks
playing spin the bottle with the 50 year old men
snorting coke on bathroom breaks during the ACT
totalled my car, now i ride my bike rain or shine


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